Rory O'Connor AIPF AFIAP Seascape Photographer: Blog en-us (C) Rory O'Connor AIPF AFIAP Seascape Photographer (Rory O'Connor AIPF AFIAP Seascape Photographer) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:20:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:20:00 GMT Rory O'Connor AIPF AFIAP Seascape Photographer: Blog 97 120 A summer of discontent While we all basked in the lovely warm dry summer, it wasn't all good. The farmers were looking for rain, the water authorities were looking for rain, and I was looking for waves and partial cloudy condition.Eventually all came good over the past few days so I ventured out last night to Ballybrannigan and here's the result.

Eventually things came around in the

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My first Seascape shoot of the season  


My first seascape shoot of the new season was on Ballybrannigan beach in East Cork.  The beach at Ballycroneen was ravaged by the hurricane Ophelia so I decided to go across the rocks to Ballybrannigan. On the way I came across the rock pool and I knew if I waited for 10 mins the sky would be just right to get a nice reflection. This was the only shot I got on the day, but it was a start.

Rocky reflection

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The Rut the never happened Come back here Went to the Killarney National Park with 15 other members of the Blarney Photography Club for the annual rut. While the day was very enjoyable the main purpose of the trip was to capture the stage exercising their options as it were.

Unfortunately they must have known that it was a Sunday, as they appeared to have all taken a vow of chastity for the day. We'll know better next year.


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My first Blog Doing a blog seems strange in as much it could be a bit like talking to yourself. I'm sure I'll get some followers over time.

Anyway, my recent photography exploits consisted of sitting my Associateship with the Irish Photographic Federation. I stopped shooting in June in order to concentrate on my final preparation to present my Associateship panel to the IPF assessors, which I did with success in September.

It was a 3 year labour of love with many hours down the beach over that time. Some were enjoyable but there was always a frustration if I didn't get the conditions that I was looking for. Nature has a habit of doing that................

Anyway I'm dusting myself and my gear down for my first shoot of the season and heading to Killarney National Park with Blarney Photography Club for a Nature shoot.  Looking forward to it, and hopefully the weather will oblige. Associateship PanelMy panel of 15 images, mostly taken on the beaches of East Cork which I presented, with success, to an assessment sitting of the IPF



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